Artist Program

Submit your Shorts designs and make up to $1000 per design!

If your shorts are ‘one-off’s anything goes! But it’s very different when you are trying to sell to a discerning audience. Just take a moment to gather inspiration from our Shorts gallery.

Start by thinking how you could produce a really original pair of Shortomatics. Probably not your company logo or a picture of your pet. If you are going to get sales we need your most amazing creativity, something that will make people stop and stare.

Once you’ve decided on your ‘fabric’ image, you simply use our Customizer to assemble your submission. You don’t have to buy them! Just click on the Submit a design button and our gallery Curator will personally review your work. This process will take a few days and if your shorts are a hit, we’ll be in touch requesting your profile details. Please understand that due to the huge response to this ground breaking program, our team are unable to inform those designs that are not selected. But keep trying, we want you onboard!

We print only 200 individually numbered Limited Edition’s of each design. You will receive $5.00 into your account for every pair sold. You can also feel good that a further 5% goes to our sole beneficiary Global Green.

Before you commit online using the Customizer, why not play around with a sample pattern, this template will allow you to hone your design. Download here:

PDF template  PDF template

Please note that ALL submissions have to be made using the Customizer.

There is literally no limit to how many shorts you produce for your Collection! This really is the quickest and most rewarding way to become a fashion designer ever!

When you’ve successfully had your designs accepted to the Gallery, you can enjoy uploading your profile, your links and even ‘model’ photos of your designs in action! Thousands of customers a day will browse your gallery, so order number 1 of 200 pair for yourself and start snapping some promotional shots, that way people can see just how cool they look!

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