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The Story So Far

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The Story So Far

After the incredible response to our first Anymatic company: We follow up with the second chapter: Boardshorts. Once again, another subject close to our hearts and lifestyle-championing artists the world over and reinventing the canvas.

While we reside in sunny California, we enjoy the backdrop of possibly the most exciting beach community on the planet. So why is it then, that the mainstream boardshort market is the same old thing year in year out? All the while the technology on the water advances, why are we still presented with a plethora of Hibiscus and tired stripes.

We believe that while there is so much personal style and competition applied to water bound pursuits, then surely the equipment should reflect the same level of distinction.
Boardshorts obviously have their roots in popular surf culture, but our approach is much wider then this niche; we think of our product as the new 'swimming trunk'. As at home in the swimming pool, hot tub or lake as on the beach, a board or just plain sunbathing!

With our Artists Community consisting of the widest collection of artistic styles, we guarantee, there is something for everyone in our gallery. Our smallest size, introduce 'grown up' shorts to the increasingly choosy 8 year old and extend tastefully upwards to designs that an 80 year old would feel good about.

We now know more about short technology than most! Which is why we have scoured the world for the best fabrics, components and technology, then returned home to proudly make a premium short like no other - in the US of A.

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The Shorts

Well after all this, we had to develop the best looking, best feeling, best performing 'canvas' in our shorts - now this is where we had to get wet! The R&D requires standing in showers, jumping in pools, rolling around on a sand and of course trying to look good on a surf board. Through immeasurable help from some eminent fashion designers and equally demanding sportsmen, we proudly arrive with a premium product - printed, cut and sewn by hand locally in Los Angeles.

The shorts are made from a robust 'super suede' polyester microfibre, highly effective for deflecting surface water, while the sheer satin finish inside means unimpaired mobility. The brand is distinctively marked with waistband embroidery and our iconic wave patch.

However, best of all; every pair of shorts is printed dynamically with the artist name, image title/description and edition number of the shorts, along with the option for a personal message -This wraps right around the inner waistband and certifies that you really have purchased a work of art!